Food Coma


Welcome to the new blog!
We made it to Korea, which means we’re sleeping and eating. And that’s all. Pretty exciting stuff for us. I think BP doubled in size after the first meal. Seriously. This poor babe has been deprived of a lot of nutrition–not anymore! We are so thankful that we’re here and SO excited about the adventures ahead.

Thanks for your prayers!
Kara, Husband, and little BP

 PS. I need your help! Got any questions for me/us for the FAQ page? Anyone want to help me out with the lame header? Anyone think the title of the new blog is too cheesy? Any thoughts about using proper capitalization and grammar in the new blog? Is the ‘about’ page too serious? Thank you, faithful readers! I’ll be sure to repay you with embarrassing videos and plenty of pictures of our new homeland.

2 Replies to “Food Coma”

  1. Dear Kara,
    Cultivate faithfulness. Strong admonition.
    And it is not new to you…
    Great blog title…great life goal.

    It will inform me every time I read you.
    I love it, Kara.
    It has hope and promise all in one.

    It is hard to read the words on the header, tho.

    Since I'm a farmer's daughter, I think of something living/growing…in adversity and flourishing. You probably think of something in the city. 🙂

    Keep creating, Kara. You are one wonderful woman of God. Korea is going to love, love, love you.

    Praying for you,
    your granny

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