Yay! I love that you guys responded to my boy/girl poll!
Unfortunately for you, we decided not to tell anyone.

mwhahaha. Just kidding!

But first, a post about our new car.
Suspense is fun, isn’t it?


I’m a strong believer that every car should have a name,
so when I saw “JOHNSON” printed on every window of our new ride,
there was no choice. Johnson it is.

I love it for so many reasons. It sounds kind of sophisticated. And normal.
And completely ridiculous at the same time, which makes it stick.


Yesterday we discovered that Johnson had some problems.
Car problems are inevitable, but we were hoping that he’d be ok for a while.
I don’t like driving down the road wondering if we’re going to be stranded.


It turns out that the engine was not about to blow up. It was something minor, thank goodness.

We’re back on the road.

Does your car have a name? I really want to know!

*I’ll post about BP tomorrow (tonight in America). Get excited!
Some of you were wrong, and some of you were right…

2 Replies to “Johnson”

  1. My old honda used to be called Darla… like from Little Rascals. My current car is Marcy. Because she is maroon. ANd I one time road a horse in colorado and her name was Marcy and she ran me into a tree and I disliked her. But I like my car. Not sure why we named her Marcy….

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