We Know! We Know! We Know!


Today was a very exciting day.
We went into the city, to the hospital, and we found out that BP is a…

I can’t just tell you without hearing your guesses.
We haven’t even told our families.

Guess! Guess! Guess!


These gigantic backpacks crack me up. I think one of them would make the perfect diaper bag, no?


Of course we celebrated with two of BP’s favorites–dakgalbi and ice cream.

What do you think blog readers? Boy or girl?

9 Replies to “We Know! We Know! We Know!”

  1. Dear tiny, precious BP,

    Are you a boy? A girl?

    As a greatgrandmother, (!)
    all I know is that you, little one,
    are already loved and cherished…
    World-wide…so many cheerleaders!

    That is the message you are hearing,
    deep in that comfy womb…right?

    We welcome you, dear little BP.
    (I may never stop calling you BP, honey.
    It is such an endearing name.)

    All excited to know,
    your greatgranny

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