lemon drop trees

A tree full of tiny lemon drops pulled me aside this afternoon,
straight off the path and into the bushes.

I parked my elephant of a double stroller, let the big kids roam free,
while Jase tilted backwards, head dangling upside down out of the carrier.

I want to collect the branches and live in them.
I want a painting of this tree life-size on my mantle.

In the spring it feels ok to ramble
about the flowers. To trip over your own feet.
To take a dozen photographs of the blooms that take your breath away.

I am still getting used to the way it is in the city.
With every new season I feel close to nature for the first time.
We round the same block every afternoon, and each day it looks different.
Look at this bud! Look at this petal! Look at this leaf.

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