On the mornings we eat cereal
and the bottom of the inside bag is full
of dust, we lift the glued edges of a brand new
box with urgency.

Two distinct pops release the glue at the edges of
the cardboard.
Pinching the plastic bag together
on either side we pull it apart and watch the glue
separate in lines along the serrated edges

The inside is packed with oats and multi grains
always added vitamins

The berries on the outside of the box,
juicy and oversized,
are never included.

The spoon drawer slams open on its tracks
vibrating the silverware that’s been
waiting in the dark until now
I grab a small spoon without even looking

The cereal falls out of the box,
jumping around until
shortly after,
milk pours over the bobbing
circles in the bowl

Clink. In goes the spoon to the very bottom
Dunked into the breakfast mixture
shoveling scoops of what is now wet and crunchy
but will soon change to soggy mush

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