Five Generations

BP’s made it past the 22 week mark! Grow, baby, grow!

Here are the updates:

My new favorite thing to do is watch her move across my belly. I always thought people were lying when they said they could see movement this early. I have to be really still and quiet, and then boom! She puts on a show. She doesn’t like anything touching her, so if I put my hand on my tummy, she stops immediately. Love her.
For the past few days I’ve noticed that she goes nuts every time I eat apples. It’s like she gets really, really excited. Then I read today that she can taste things now. I decided that’s why.
She is pretty quiet and mellow during the day, but we always know when its 5pm because she wakes up. Right on the dot. I love that. In the morning she is completely still. I’m praying that means she’s a night owl like me, so we can hang out late and sleep in. 
It’s really hard to keep her name a secret! I want to tell everyone because I love her name(s), and they represent our prayers for her. I’m so excited to share them. Her English and Korean names have the same meaning, so we use them interchangeably depending on what we feel like (and if we’re speaking English or Korean). She might be a little confused about what her name is for the first few years. I think I finally talked Husband into her third name. I’m thinking of it as her middle name, and it’s purely for meaning’s sake; we won’t use it. She is going to be so frustrated in the future when she has to fill out forms, huh? At least her last name is only 3 letters. That should help.
We’ve been talking about how blessed she is to have 6 living grandmas (and 4 living grandpas). How incredible is that? One of Husband’s grandmas is still living (she is the most precious lady ever), both my grandmas are still alive, and of course our moms are alive and well.


The coolest thing is that my great grandma is still around. She is so precious and loving and content and selfless and giving and compassionate and just lovely. I love her so much. She lives with a lot of pain, but she never complains. She sets such an incredible example of joy and peace. She still crochets hats for people in the military, and she told my mom when she can’t do that anymore at least she’ll still be able to sing hymns. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

We are excited and so thankful for the legacy our families are passing onto BP.

She’s one incredibly loved babe.

♥ kP



It turns out that being dehydrated is pretty boring. I go from bed to chair, computer to phone, drinking to more drinking. I’m not complaining. I’d much rather be bored than stuck in a hospital.

If you follow me on pinterest, you know how I’ve been spending all my free time.
Did you know that you can make pancakes out of brownie batter? What a genius idea!


For now there’s nothing exciting to report, other than this picture of the rug.

It’s a lovely rug, isn’t it?

♥ kP

We Have iPhones


I don’t say that to brag, in fact it’s a little embarrassing.
I was going to pretend that we didn’t have them until I realized I was sending emails with the message “sent from my iPhone” tagged on the end. And then I joined instagram, where people inevitably found me.

I guess it’s embarrassing because I used to be really snobby about iPhones. I thought I was wayyy too good for that kind of exclusive technology. What a waste of money and time and energy!

And then we bought them. I was sucked in by the language apps. I’m completely dependent on Husband here in Korea, but not with my iPhone. I can do things! Say things! Find things! And the idea of conveniently taking 8 gazillion pictures of BP every day when she’s born makes me happy, too.

Here in Korea, iPhones are cheap. We pay a relatively low monthly payment (we don’t need a lot of data because the entire country of Korea is basically wireless). And we got the phones for “free.” It was such a great deal that I seriously thought we were buying fake phones until we synched them in iTunes.

I’m still kind of in shock. I mean, who are we? Buying a car? Eating cheese? Drinking hot chocolate whenever we want? Buying chips and salsa? Buying iPhones?

We’re seriously spoiled, and we know it.

We always pray that the things we have would be used to bless other people. It will be interesting to see what happens with these silly phones of ours.

facetime, anyone?

♥ kP

*if you want to follow me on instagram, my username is karapyo.
PS. I feel much better today. Thanks for praying!

A Little Something for Your Wednesday

We’re still trying to figure out what’s up with my heart. Other than that, we’re just watching movies, reading books, and taking lots of naps. It’s not so bad.


This picture of my brother-in-law, niece, and nephew is gold, isn’t it? I can’t look at it without laughing and missing them a lot. It makes me really happy.

♥ kP

High Stakes Rummikub


We’re kind of obsessed with Rummikub over here. The only reason I like it is because I like spending time with the family, and I’m really, really good at it.

Tonight Husband’s parents said if they won we had to tell them 2 letters from BP’s name.

I was so nervous! I couldn’t think straight!

And of course, they won.

Unfortunately for them, she has 3 names, so we just chose two random letters.

F and E and I
(I accidently slipped on the third letter)

His mom was guessing all kinds of combinations. My favorite was when she enthusiastically yelled,


For a split second I really considered it. Pie! It’s perfect!
And then I snapped out of my love for strange words as names.

♥ kP

A Trip to the Hospital



This was my view for most of the day today, which wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t in the HOSPITAL! ahhh!


Thank goodness for awesome doctors and nurses,
and free-flowing IVs.

Our day was a little stressful. It may or may not
have included calls to my mom at 3 and 4am, me crying all over my hamburger,
husband consoling me with silly texts, and me declaring in a moment of
panic, “I’m the mom now!” haha.

I’m constantly fighting dehydration, so it’s no
surprise that I had to go in for IVs.

I know you’re thinking, DRINK MORE WATER!!
But it’s not that simple.
I drink freakish amounts of water (just ask my college roommate).
One time I drank so much water that it actually made my dehydration much
worse because I depleted all the nutrients in my body.
If only it was a matter of drinking more water…

My heart’s been pounding for the past few days, so we figured it was
time to take care of it.

I think I’m slowly on the mend. I’m going to sleep for
a week, and then I’ll let you know.

BP never skipped a beat. She’s been rocking and swimming and kicking
just like always. She’s a strong one. I love her already.

Keep praying for us, and if you have any good movie suggestions,
send them my way. I need something to do while I chill in bed.

My Idea of a Lovely Day

We spent the day downtown,


exploring S Dot (aka Korean Hobby Lobby)
I love, love, love, love, love this place.


snapping pics in the street,


loving the coffee shop menus (buddy set!),


chatting with friends,


and, of course, drinking coffee!
(yogurt for me and BP)

I really like living here.

*Can I just say that your name guesses are cracking me up?
You guys are a lot more creative than I am. I think it’s safe to say that
you’ll never guess her name (and not just because her first name is Korean),
but that shouldn’t worry you. It’s a good name. I think she’ll love it
as much as we do. And Jess T, it’s definitely a feminine name, don’t worry.

Blueberry Yogurt

Photobucket Thank you, Korea, for loving blueberry yogurt as much as I do.
If it were up to me, I would eat it for every meal and in between.
Antioxidants, yo.
(see, moms can be cool, too!)

In other news, two boxes from China arrived today!
We shipped them. On a boat. And if you remember the hassle it
was to get them on the boat, you’ll be just as surprised as I was when they showed up.

Now if we could just remember what’s in them…

♥ kP

We’re Not in China Anymore

Thanks for all the baby-girl love! May can’t come soon enough.


Her name comes up in every conversation with Husband’s parents. They are dying to know. His dad asked if her name is in the Bible. It is technically, but that clue will not help anybody. He’s still searching and guessing.

My mom said she’s not even trying to guess because she knows me too well. I’m pretty creative when it comes to…life. She’s smart.


We’re settling into life in Korea, which means lots of coffee shop time.


It doesn’t feel like we’re so far away anymore. It’s like we’re just a couple states away instead of on the other side of the world. It’s really a blessing because sometimes living in another country can feel really isolating.


We’ve been playing with cute babies,


eating take-out (which is really fancy here. It’s super fast, and they deliver for free– using real dishes. Then they come back and collect the dishes when you’re done eating),


meeting friends for coffee,


and snapping photos with our new phones. My phone is just a camera until I make some friends. ha!

We’re definitely not in China anymore.

Baby Pyo is a…..



We’ve known all along. In fact, when I first found out I was pregnant, I can’t explain it, but I just knew her name. That pretty much killed the surprise and made me feel a little crazy. Husband has always called BP “her” and “she.”

I wanted to make a baby blanket for BP right away, so I went to the yarn store and bought neon pink. Then I felt really guilty assuming that she was a girl, so I went back, but the only color that jumped out at me was a deep purple. My mind was seriously set on girl.

Another reason I thought my instincts might be right is because I’ve always, my whole life, thought that I would have a boy first. Until I got pregnant.

I guess that’s why I just couldn’t wait any longer–I had to know if I was insane, or if we were right. I have no idea how people wait (Andrea!).


I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I love, love, love 80s neon pink. You can’t tell, but the blanket I’m making (above) is the perfect shade of orange-y neon pink. If you remember the sweatshirts that I puff-painted in elementary school, you’ve got the color. Glorious.

Now the question is “What’s her name!?!?!?!”
But we’re not telling. Not until after she’s born.
We talked about announcing the most hideous, ridiculous name just to see what your reactions would be, but I’m too lazy to think of a fake name.

Right now she has 2 names, but I’m pressing for a third. Not hyphenated. Hyphenated names can be too intense sometimes. We are in LOVE with her name(s) and can’t wait to tell everybody. Husband’s mom is doing her best to squeeze it out of us by begging for hints (she’s so cute), so if it slips out, I’ll let you know, but I don’t think it will.

Now I can get back to planning the most amazing dollhouse ever in the history of dollhouses.

We’re having a girl!
I’m so excited and relieved that we were right. How awkward would it be to start saying “he” all of a sudden after 4 months of “she”?