Baby Leggings!


Oh my goodness, you guys.
We made the mistake of stopping in the little girls’ section of the store today, and I cannot get these adorable floral leggings out of my mind!


How cute would BP be in these? I think she needs a pair in every color. I’m thinking about stocking up for next winter.

Why and how can Korea be so cute all. the. time?

♥ kP

*Sorry for all the phone pictures. My camera battery charger is packed away, and I haven’t been motivated enough to find it.

Ice Cream


Husband and I got pretty restless this afternoon, so we decided to drive down the mountain to get ice cream.

These days are such a gift.

♥ kP

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Happy New Year!

People on this side of the world are celebrating the Lunar New Year today. It’s the year of the black dragon, which is a pretty big deal to a lot of people (not us). There are many people who have planned weddings and babies in this year because it’s “so lucky.” I’m glad we don’t have to orchestrate our lives around superstitions. Amen?

My favorite thing about the Lunar New Year is that everyone turns a year older. I decided in the future, when BP is old enough, we’ll celebrate Lunar New Year with a huge family birthday party. I’m thinking everyone will get their own cake, we’ll go over the top with decorations, and we’ll share what we love about each other. Sounds fun, right? I’m still trying to figure out how old I am here…maybe 28?

In China, people are setting off fireworks nonstop, eating dumplings, and watching (ridiculous) TV shows with their families.

Here in Korea, we’re relaxing with the family and eating yummy food.


A few days ago we stopped to pick up some homemade rice cakes.


Some of the locals here in the mountain have a little rice cake operation going.
It was fun to watch them in action.


After the rice flour is processed (steamed), it comes out of a machine as these long rice cake tubes.


The family set it out to dry so it wouldn’t all stick together when it’s cooked.
Then it’s sliced and cooked a variety of ways.
It’s one of my favorite things. Sometimes it’s spicy, sometimes salty, sometimes sweet. So good.


This is the traditional New Year’s soup that we ate today.


♥ kP

A Fairly Accurate Belly Photo


You know I like pretending that BP is a lot bigger than she is, so I’m sure you guys are envisioning a HUGE belly, but it’s really not that big…yet.

I take that back. In the evenings it is pretty big. Sometimes I feel like a huge punching balloon. I gave Husband that description, and he immediately started “punching”my stomach. Of course he did.

BP’s now 23 weeks!
Here are some pregnancy updates for those of you who are curious 🙂

I sleep every morning from 6:30-8:30am. And that’s it. It’s a glorious 2 hours. Truly.

This morning I dreamed that I was in labor and gave birth to a fully-clothed, pacifier-sucking, boy. The other day I dreamed that I went on a scavenger hunt that involved a lot of burritos. The funny thing is that pregnancy dreams aren’t any weirder than my regular dreams. Awesome, right?

I’m still fighting dehydration, but thankfully it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. Hopefully I won’t need any more IVs. Coconut water is pretty much keeping me alive.

I’m still getting headaches at the beginning of every week, but thankfully I haven’t had a migraine in a few months. I’ve had very little nausea, which is a blessing, but these headaches knock. me. out. In fact, I watched a birthing video a few days ago (don’t do it), and it freaked me out. I immediately googled “migraine pain versus childbirth pain.” Much to my delight, my hypothesis seems to be resoundingly true: migraine pain is much, much worse than giving birth. I knew it. Somehow that gives me a lot of confidence. I know for sure that the whole time I’m in labor I’m going to be thinking, “at least this isn’t a migraine.” I can’t imagine a pain worse than a migraine. I really can’t. I think it’s been good preparation for childbirth. I’ll let you know.

It’s getting harder and harder to keep her name a secret. It’s only a matter of time before it slips out while I’m talking to my mom. Husband’s parents keep guessing the best names. The 2 latest guesses are Feast and Festival. I wish! So clever.

I know it’s ridiculous, but I really want BP to be born with tons of hair. I’m thinking about making her a wig in case she’s bald. What do you guys think?

I asked Husband last night what he wants BP to call him, and he said “Dad.”And then he said, “no, ‘Father.'” And then we laughed a lot because that sounds so silly. I call him Papa. The reason is not because it’s blog-trendy (although it is). It’s a reference to Santa in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer when Mrs. Claus says, “Who ever heard of a skinny santa? Eat, Papa! Eat!” I can’t think of a more significant name for a father. A trendy name that references Santa? Perfect.

My current craving. Like whoa. It’s a good thing Korea doesn’t have Lucky Charms.

I need some music that I can play over and over so that BP hears it in the future and falls asleep ASAP. My mom did this with all of us, and I bet I can guess which songs were “mine” because some of the songs on her 80s cassettes still knock me out. Any suggestions?

When I imagine our little family in the future, I get so excited and teary with thankfulness. I am so, so, so excited to be BP’s mom. I can’t wait to cuddle her and whisper all kinds of important things to her. And seeing Husband as a dad?! I’m already madly in love with this guy, what’s seeing him with our daughter going to do to me?

♥ kP



I read a (really good) parenting book today. There’s one part where the author writes about sleepless nights with a new baby. She says that in order to keep from complaining or dwelling on the lack of sleep, you should just stop thinking about what time you’re waking up. Don’t look at the clock. If you’re up feeding or comforting a crying baby, you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at exactly the right time. I thought that was excellent advice.

It got me thinking about how often I’m distracted by the clock.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of free time to think and rest and be, and now I’m ready to move on to the next thing. My heart is saying: the time has come! I want to move into our house. I want to settle into a routine. I feel like there are more productive things I should be doing besides lounging at my in-laws.

I’m prone to rush things for my own comfort and pleasure.

The thing is that I think I know about timing. Not just timing, but perfect timing. I think I have it figured out. Deep down I think I know exactly when we should find jobs, a house, a church. It’s a control thing, and if I’m not careful, I start worrying and complaining when things don’t happen according to my timing, or when something interrupts my plan (as if I could ever figure these details out on my own. ha!).

I’m learning that sometimes I just need to unplug all the clocks and focus on this moment, right now. I need to give up my idea of perfect timing, sit back, and trust.

Because, honestly, if I’m walking in obedience, these moments of interruption are not interruptions at all.

♥ kP

BP’s Elephant


BP got her first gift today.

I pinned this elephant a few weeks ago, and hours later my mom informed me that she had already bought it. That’s an eager grandma for ya.

BP is going to be spoiled in the best way.

I’m thinking about keeping this elephant for myself, though. It makes me so happy, and it’s not pink! Bonus! I mean, I love pink but too much of it makes me crazy.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that my baby board is filling with all kinds of cuteness, especially moccasins. I love moccasins. Maybe it’s the Oklahoma in me?

Our girl is going to be so adorable: playing with felt food, wearing moccasins and silly hats, all while carrying her stuffed elephants.

Sounds like my child, for sure.

♥ kP

Babies and Technology

I’m sure I don’t have to convince you that this kid is adorable.

We spent the afternoon with two of Husband’s childhood friends and their kids. Hanging out with little kiddos makes us even more excited to meet BP (as if that’s possible).
She’s going to have a lot of little friends to play with in the future. I’m thankful for that.


Watching parents use their smart phones and ipads to entertain their kids absolutely cracks me up. Husband and I will be entertaining BP with good old-fashioned wood blocks and stuffed animals. No fanciness for this girl. (or so we say).

Speaking of technology: Friends! Do you guys use Kakao Talk? You don’t have to have an iPhone. Please get it! It’s totally free! If you get it, email me, and I’ll send you my phone number.

♥ kP

Where’s Our House?


Lately, as we drive through the city, we look out the windows and ask each other, “where’s our house?”

We are ready to find a place and settle down. Really ready.

We found some reasonable apartments with decent wallpaper (wallpaper is the thing around here). I said a quick “no way!” to the place with pink and purple floral kitchen cabinets. I can work with a lot of different styles, but that is definitely not going to work.

Husband is still job-hunting, so we’re waiting until that’s finalized. Seollal (New Year) is coming up in a few days, so I think a lot of people who are hiring are being lazy. Holidays, you know? Who wants to think about work?

There’s a really good job open at a local college, and I’m praying that one works out because Husband would be in his element, which means I’d be in my element (chillin’ with a happy husband). Any teaching job would be good, though. He’s not picky. And we know that we’re not in charge.

He’s had some offers from companies in Seoul, which is not ideal because we don’t know anyone in Seoul. One job would be incredibly boring, and one he would have to travel a lot. I said no way to the traveling a lot. No, no way. He turned them both down before I could voice my strong objections. Of course he did! What a gentleman.

I’m just ready to decorate a cute little space and sew a million floor pillows and couch pillows and bed pillows and pillows! Pillows! Pillows!

I also want to make curtains. And Mexican food.

I can’t believe we’re going to have a life-size refrigerator! And a real-size washing machine!
Can you imagine?

I’m ready. So, so ready.

Pray for us!

♥ kP

Costco is My Disney World


We went to Costco today. Costco!
I was giddy the whole time, of course, skipping down the oversized aisles of familiar goodness.
Costco has everything.


If you follow me on instagram (karapyo), you know that I like to abuse it.
For example: We’re at Costco! Husband is about to eat cake! I just bought cheese!

So thankful for these slow days.
I’ll have more of an update tomorrow.

♥ kP