May Books

Observations by Marianne Moore

Moore’s poems are intelligent with a spark of wit. I like how she quotes found phrases throughout her writing. The introduction explains that she constantly adjusted and reworked her poems. In her mind they were never finished. I relate to that so much as I reflect on my own writing. It’s hard not to keep changing things.

Linking Arms, Linking Lives:How Urban-Suburban Partnerships Can Transform Communities by Ronald J. Sider, John M. Perkins, Wayne L. Gordon, and F. Albert Tizon

This is one of the books Jase threw out of the spinning bookshelf at the library when I wasn’t looking. I turned the corner, saw it on the ground, and I had to get it.  It’s funny how our dreams follow us. How our passions rarely leave us alone. How my God-dreams of living in urban America stick around even when I currently live on the other side of the world. It was encouraging to read stories of people who are successfully working together to transform communities. The church desperately needs encouragement and practical tools for partnering across racial/socio-economic lines. This book is a helpful beginning for those who are serious about building bridges and serving each other.

That’s all I had time to read in May. Looking forward to all my June books.

Happy reading!

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